Kino Flo Vista Beam 600


Kino Flo’s VistaBeam® 610 and 310 will change the way our industry lights film and television studios. A VistaBeam 610, for example, delivers the equivalent of a 4,000 Watt Softlight, but uses only 8 Amps (120VAC) of power. Both fixtures have a DMX control system and the ability to produce daylight or tungsten balanced light from the same fixture.

VistaBeam Features Include       
• DMX lamp switching
• HO/Standard switching
• Individual lamp control
• Flicker-free, remote operation
• Reflector, Louver and Gel Frame
• Stackable design
• Instant-on, dead quiet
• True Match® daylight and tungsten lamps

Available in Center Mount, Yoke Mount and Pole-Op.

VistaBeam Highlights
• Broad, even light – ideal for studio and location lighting
• Low amperage draw, energy savings
• Long lamp life, low lamp replacements, low maintenance labor
• Low operating temperature
• Low air-conditioning costs
• More efficient heat management design for stable color temperature
• Uses 5500K, 3200K, 550nm green and 420nm blue lamps
• Mix lamps for various color temperatures
• High color rendering True Match® lamps work well alongside conventional quartz lights or HMI’s.
• DMX and manual switching for stable color temperature and light level control
• Center Mount, Yoke Mount and Pole-Op
• Multi-use, location daylight fill or soft key, studio soft light, studio blue and green screen lighting


VistaBeam 610 DMX Center Kit, 120VAC KIT-V6C-230
VistaBeam 610 DMX Center Kit, 230VAC
VistaBeam 310 DMX Center Kit, 120VAC KIT-V3C-230
VistaBeam 310 DMX Center Kit, 230VA
1 VistaBeam 610 DMX Center
1 Ship Case

1 VistaBeam 310 DMX Center 
1 Ship Case 

41.5 x 16 x 44"
(105.5 x 40.5 x 112cm)


135 lb (61kg)
41.5 x 14.5 x 25.5" 
(105.5 x 37 x 65cm)


79.5 lb (36kg)