Air Star Gaffair Balloon 1.2KW Air Balloon


Air StarHMI lighting balloons reproduce daylight. They can be used as a key light or as a fill light to produce a very natural effect.Filled with Air, the Air Stargaffair can illuminate areas ranging from 100 to 1000 sq yards with unequaledpower. Thanks to the shape and the envelope texture, the Air StarGaffairBalloon diffuses gentle, glare-free light, providing high performance, all round illumination,Operation is simple – the light is tethered to the ground, then inflated with Air, and the balloons rise to the correct shape. It provides an evenly distributed light, with no hot spots or shadows, and achieves 6000 Kelvin – making the light almost identical in color and brightness as day light. Very handy &useful fortvc, movie , event shows outdoor and public events


Product : Air Star 1.2 Kw Air Balloon
Dimension : The envelope of Balloon 200cm 6” x 6”
Power supply : 230v 1 x 16A sockets
Weight :20 Kg Approximate of Balloon and Ballast with flight case
Lighting Power :1x 1.2kw
Air Gas Required:
Skirts Length:- 100cm 3.3