Air Star 18KW Helium Balloon Hybrid Ellipse


Filled with helium gas, the Air Star Helium Balloon can illuminate areas ranging from 2000 to 36,000 sq yards (1000 to 30,000m²)** with unequaled power. Thanks to the shape and the envelope texture, the Air Star Helium Balloon diffuses gentle, glare-free light, providing high performance, all round illumination,Operation is simple – the light is tethered to the ground, then inflated with helium, and the balloons rise to the correct height. It provides an evenly distributed light, with no hot spots or shadows, and achieves 4500°/6000° Kelvin – making the light almost identical in color and brightness as Moonlight & daylight. Very handy & useful for  tvc, movie , event shows outdoor and public events.


Dimension : The envelope of Balloon (14.1’? X 20.6' ↔)
Maximum Height : 75. from the Ground
Windy Conditions : Maximum Wind Permissible 30 Km/Hours
Weight : 230 Kg Approximate of Balloon and Ballast with flight case
Lighting Power : 3 x 4000 w HMI +6 x 1000w Halogen.
Power supply : 3 x 28 amp, 380V + 3 x 13 amp 220V.
Electronic Ballast : 3 x 4 Kw ARRI Electronic Ballast- Provide Locally
Helium Gas Required: Helium gas First day required 7 cubic meters - 140-150 Bar, 13 cylinders, and depending on day and night temperatures approximately 15% refill every following working night.
Requirements may vary depending on temperature ambient (loss of helium gas is generally more in cold weather).