Dedo Panaura 7


The PanAura system of lighting instruments are large surface area soft lights that produce a beautiful wrap around light from extremely thin lightweight fixtures. This allows these systems to be used with convenience and speed - and now with the introduction of the 7’ version twice the output and size. The fixture includes two individually switchable, dimmable lamps that can be boosted from 400W to 575W daylight or alternatively with tungsten balanced discharge lamps, this allows a dimming range from 300W to 1150W without significant colour shift with both lamp types.  The fixture is also available as a traditional 2Kw tungsten source or also as a 4kw tungsten source with high temperature octodome fabric.

The 7 foot wide soft box is available with three different diffusers and a 40° grid is only 60cm deep, which provides excellent space saving solutions compared to similar sized soft lights currently available.  This allows the use of this big window sized soft light in confined spaces and on location. This is following the Dedolight philosophy of being economical, interchangeable, compact and as lightweight as possible, without any loss in quality.

The PanAura7 is powered from two standard DEB400DT electronic ballasts, which additionally can be mounted to the lighting stand by ballast holders to provide best possible stability without using additional sand bags.

This Lighting Kit Consists of:

  • DLHPA7x2DT Soft light head for two lamps - 400/575W daylight or tungsten; incl. UV protection glass and safety switch (lamps not included).
  • DEB400DT Flicker free ballast, 400/575W
  • DEB400DTH Ballast holder w/ super clamp
  • DPOW400DT Cable - light head/ballast
  • DL400DHR-NB Metal halide lamp 400/575 Daylight, clear
  • DL400THR-NB Metal halide lamp 400/575 tungsten, clear
  • DLPA7 Dedoflex panaura7 textile reflector, incl. rear baffle, 2 types of Inner diffusor (standard DLPA and rim diffusor DLPA7D2S),front diffusor large DLPA7D1
  • DLPA7G Grid 40° fits panaura7
  • DST400S Stand
  • DSCPA7W soft case (PanAura kit) with wheels



Weight: 1.2kg (2.6 lb.)
Lamp: 1000w Max
Cable length: 3 m (9.8’)
Mounting: 16 mm (5/8 “) two axis receptacle and 28 mm (1 1/8 “) stud
Safety: Protective glass tube
ON/OFF: In line switch Socket: GX9.5