DMX 6 Channel Master Dimmer


Master series are the most powerful digital dimmers in our product range. Ideal for theatres, concerts, stage works, discos and any other professional places where the reliable quality must come with affordable price. These dimmers contain four RISC microprocessors with multiprocessor communication to make a 100% duty cycle power pack. The output power is controlled by TRIACs with digital phase angle control. The rising of the output current and the resulting distortion can decrease by special filters.


  • PDP60xx is providing you with next generation dimming for portable or
  • permanent installations. Just plug in and play anytime, anywhere.
  • Is great for applications requiring distributed dimming and position flexibility:
  • Industrial productions
  • Rental productions
  • Conference centres
  • Museums
  • Exhibition centres
  • 6x6A, 6x10A or 6x13A dimming capacity
  • AC3x230V/400V 50Hz via CEE plug + thru output
  • Risetime: 400us
  • Convectional cooled, fan runs only on critical temperature
  • MCB for each channel, optional 1P+N or 2P DELTA
  • Output connectors
  • 12x Schuko
  • 12x FRENCH Schuko
  • 12x CEE16 3p
  • 12x Swiss socket
  • 12x Denmark socket
  • 12x UK socket
  • 1x or 2x Socapex
  • 1x or 2x Harting
  • 1x AUX connection - variable socket
  • Neutrik XLR 3+ 5 pin input connectors
  • LED indicators of power ON, DMX line state
  • Multi item menu with preheat, limits, curves...
  • Optional wireless DMX
  • Optional single phase operation