Movie Intercom Lfx Hub


Effects with 24 fps pre-sets
flicker generator with 24fps pre-sets,Twelve pre-sets makes it easy to create numerous realistic looking lighting effects within seconds,Each modifiable pre-set has a flicker resolution of 24 fps - with up to three channels,The multi-tool LFXHub can control virtually every type of lamp.

Controllable lamps
Control tungsten, LED, fluorescent & more - choose the ideal lamp suitable to your demands.Unlimited output power combined with the adaptation to the filament size gives the lighting designer an enormous flexibility.The optional available DMX output module or the 0-10 VDC outputs allow for control of external dimmer packs.

Connect a controllable lamp at the LFXHub to one of the numerous interfaces.The LFXHub provides a single channel built-in dimmer. Multi-channel effects require one or more dimmer packs.the maximum output power depends on the number and power of the connected dimmer packs.Create a fire effect with flickering shadows or a sequencer for neon sign effects.

Brightness limits
Exactly define the upper and lower brightness limits with your meter.The measurement feature "freezes" any effect / pre-set - so a calibration is easy.curve shown here: 24fps pre-set "candle"Independent from the measurement feature the dimmer levels can be varied anytime - when the lighting effect is running.The measurement feature is available for every pre-set and for every individual setting.The LFXHub automatically calculates the sum of all three channels.

Adapt bulb inertia – Ramp
The result of an effect would look different with the same signal used at different lamp types/sizes, particularly if an LED lamp is used.The "ramp" - function adapts effects to the duration of persistence of various types of filaments or to LED lamps.The timing difference between the moment of electrical deactivation and the time of a completely extinguished light depends on the power of the bulb.Choose the ramp shape depending on the connected type and size of lamp.Thus any lighting effect looks excellent - with a 20K, a redhead,a standard 60 W bulb, florescent or LED.A pre-set automatically sets up a proposed ramp mode.Also use "ramp" for different styles of e.g. fire - from aggressive to smooth.

Lightning with HMIs or LED
This is an upgrade option for the LFXHub. The "lightningFX" upgrade consists of thetrigger moduleand a software upgrade with three additional pre-sets: lightning FX, single -flash and multi-flash.Create stunning lightning and flash effects controlling one or more dimmer-shutter(s) using HMIs up to 18 kW or any number of LED lamps.Link the shutters via DMX with the LFXHub.The HMI is steadily on.The dimmer-shutter controls the brightness.Create breathtaking "moving" thunder storm flashes using three channels.LFXHub,dimmer-shutter,LightningFX video,multi-purpose LFX generator,+ HMI


The LFXHub is developed based on our many years of experience on location and finest German based operation. Additional functions can be upgraded later. The LFXHub has already grown.English, French, Spanish and German menu languages,enclosure made of heavy duty aluminium short-circuit proof interfaces (except power output)Connected accessories are automatically detected,wide temperature range -20°C to 70°C (-4°F ... 158°F)