ARRI Junior 5000


The ARRI Junior series is ideal, not only for small studios, but also for portable use. The light weight and compact size makes it a universal tool for cramped conditions without comprimising efficiency or lamp life.


The classic ARRI construction of strong and rust-resistant extruded and die cast aluminium makes the Junior ideal for outdoor use.


The ARRI Junior series features:

  • excellent optical performance
  • high efficiency
  • compact size
  • robust construction
  • easy operation
  • easy service access
  • wide range
  • extensive accessories


  • 150W in-line dimmer
  • 150W-650W with ERCO Track adapter
  • P.O. versions of 650W-5000W
  • range of options and colours available


Type of Lamphead: Fresnel
Power: 5000 W
Lamp Type: CP/85 FKJ, 5000 W, 230 V, G 38; CP/29 FKJ, 5000 W, 230V, G 38
Supply Voltage: 230 V
Cable Length: 7 m
Correlated Color Temperature: 3200 K
Lamp Base: G 38
Lens Diameter: 250mm
Barn Door Size: 344mm
Filter Insertion Size: 330mm
Mounting: Spigot 28mm
Protection Class: IP 20
Compliance: CE, CB, GS, cNRTL