It's important to understand, that the main focus during the designing process of the Magnum Dolly was,targeted on the idea of a system. With no other dolly this thought was tracked and realised so consequently. Thereby the Magnum Dolly is characterised by its enormous flexibility, equalled by no otherdolly.  Fundament of the system is the Basic Dolly. It is quick and easy to transport and to assemble and offers all,the advantages of expanded system assemblies.

The patented steering mechanism

  • The integrated rotatable bearing, which allowes
  • Each fixture mounted on it, to be panned 360°.
  • The quick removeablecombi-wheels
  • The high quality machining (no castings)
  • The most advanced surface coating
  • Most important the wide expandability

The heart of movement is the electromechanical column. It can be mounted on the chassis of the Basic Dolly within seconds. Per rotatable bearing the column can also be panned 360°. By the way, this option has also been patented. The column is battery operated or alternatively by the Mains Charger Unit. This unit has an automatic switchover from 110 to 220 V as well as 24 or 48 voltage supply. The column is controlled by a Hand Control Unit, optionally by a Wireless Manual Control Unit.



  • Weight: 62 kg/136 lbs
  • Transport dimensions
  • Length: 64 cm/2'1"
  • Width: : 64 cm/2'1"
  • Height: 37 cm/1'2.5"
  • Max. Payload Capacity: 1000 kg/2200 lbs
  • Track width:
  • maximum: 62 cm/2'
  • minimum 36 cm/1'2"


  • Max. Payload Capacity
  • Column extended: 300 kg/660 lbs
  • Max. Payload Capacity Column retracted: : 800 kg/1763 lbs
  • Max. Height (euro adapter): 80 cm/2'7"
  • Min. Height (euro adapter): 68 cm/2'4"
  • Lift range: 3,1 sec./48 V
  • Fastest time through column lift range: 4,5 sec./24 V
  • Weight of Magnum Column: 78 kg/171lbs
  • Transport size: 64 cm/2'1"
  • Length: (assembled)
  • Width: 64 cm/2'1"
  • Height: 80 cm/2'7"
  • Max. current consumption:30 A approx.
  • Battery performance when fully charged: 150
  • Charge cycle with Mains/Charger Unit: 1 A. = 8 hrs. 5 A = 3 hrs.
  • Mains/Charger Unit with automatic voltage
  • selection and overload protection: 110-220 V
  • Battery voltage: 24 V/48 V
  • Battery capacity : 8 Ah/16 Ah