Extra packing and rigging equipement



  • Ladder pod
  • Bazooka base with the wheels option to move around on marbles or tiles surface
  • Rigid risers
  • 4-way lever
  • Ratchet Straps & slings
  • Crates of packing (wedges, Paganini’s & packers)
  • Apple boxes & pancakes (8”, 4”, 2” & 1”)
  • Cine saddle / bean bag
  • Skate board dolly with 8 & 24 soft wheels
  • 90 degree clamps swivel clamps & c clamps
  • Bowl lock off, Scaff Euro adaptor, Bowl offset 
  • Vibration isolator
  • Mega deck for creating platforms and stage at different height for camera and any other purpose on set. (6x4 & 4x4) any sizes can be available as per requirement.
  • Aluminum scaffold tubes for rigging camera n lights
  • Bungee rig (flexible to move around on wheels and easy for height adjustments and very comfortable to shoot on small places)
  • Grips cart to carry and shift equipment’s easily on set (6x2’5”)
  • Cushions for apple boxes for cinematographer to seat on while using camera on tripods (8x20 & 8x12)
  • Crash mat for placing cameras on ground and for cinematographer to lay on ground for some shots (4x3)
  • Harness and carabineer for safety reasons
  • Flat bazooka base
  • Slider Ubangi with rigging option
  • Low camera plate
  • Camera side rig for window shots and other
  • Easy rig
  • Body rig
  • Cycle dolly