Dedo 400 Day Light Projector


The Series 400 Imager has become a successful tool for demanding precision lighting.

Not only ideal for special effects from large, high precision projections, but also perfect all the way down to tiny accents.

Whenever light and shadow patterns, or gobo projections with razor sharp edges are needed, the Series 400 Imager allows for perfect contrast, high resolution and high light efficiency.

A unique image plane adjustment provides edge- to-edge sharp images even for off axis use.

Whatever your creativity calls for, the Imager does it all without color fringing, distortion, or fuzzy resolution, all of which often plague other systems.

   • High precision image projection
   • Precise light and shadow shapes
   • Extremely sharp–high resolution
   • No color fringing, no halation
   • Perfect contrast rendition

Standard componets of DP400 Imager attachment


Light Source : HMI

Power Source : AC 110V USA

Color Temperature: 5600K