ARRILITE Kit 750W Red Head


Introducing the improved and redesigned ARRI portable fixture, the ARRILITE 750 Plus, which has taken over from the former ARRI open-faced light, the ARRILITE 800/1000.

The reduced diameter of the new ARRILITE 750 Plus enables usage of the 4-leaf barndoor and scrims designed for the ARRI 650 Plus, which is therefore ideally partnered with the ARRILITE 750 Plus in a kit, as they share the same accessories.

The new ARRILITE 750 Plus accessory holder provides a stable mount for scrims and the barndoor, while also incorporating fittings that permit the Chimera Video PRO Plus S to be fitted directly, without an additional speedring.

The housing consists of two parts, which are connected by a bayonet cap. In order to change the bulb, the rear part is easily disconnected without any need for tools. To open the light, the user pushes the release slide on the handle and turns the whole rear part to the left. In order to close the light again, the user closes the two housing parts together so that the position marks are aligned and than turns the rear part to the right until the bayonet cap locks.

The combination of the ARRIMAX reflector and a 750 W HPL* bulb results in a 21% increase in light efficiency, as compared to the previous 800W ARRILITE lamphead. Although listed as 750W fixture, the ARRILITE 750 Plus can also be fitted with lower wattage bulbs, ranging from 375W to 800W.

*HPL lamp invented by and licensed from David Cunningham

An innovative one-arm stirrup sets the ARRILITE 750 Plus apart from competing lights and enables many different pan-and-tilt options. Sturdy and compact, it reduces the overall size of the lamphead for easy packing and transportation.

The yoke brake on the ARRLITE 750 Plus and 2000 Plus implements the same disc brake technology as ARRI’s True Blue range of lampheads, holding the fixtures steady even with heavy accessories attached.

  • Compact design; smaller and lighter housing than the previous ARRILITE 800/1000 model
  • New accessory holder permits the Chimera Video Pro Plus S to be fitted directly, without an additional speedring
  • ARRIMAX reflector enables a greater quality and wider distribution of light
  • Compatible with 375W, 575W and 750W HPL* bulbs
  • 21% increase in light efficiency compared to the previous ARRILITE 800 model
  • Single-arm stirrup allows a variety of pan-and-tilt possibilities, with brake disc lock-off
  • No tools required to change the lamp
  • Aluminium housing structure is designed to provide improved heat dissipation
  • Heat-proof handle at rear of housing enables easy manoeuvring and handling
  • Compatible with ARRI Junior 650 Plus accessories



Type of Lamphead Open face with parabolic facet reflector
Power 750W
Lamp Type 120V/230V - HPL* 750W, 575W, 375W
  230V - 600 (GKV), 650W (FKR), 800W (HX800)
  120V - 500W(EHC), 750W (EHF, SPH)
Supply Voltage 230V, 120V
Correlated Colour Temperature 3200 K
Lamp Base G 9.5
Reflector ARRIMAX style
Weight 1,6 kg (3,55 lb)
Cable Length 3 m with inline switch
Mounting 16 mm mount
Degree of Protection IP 20
Barndoor Size 168 mm
Filter Insertion Size 168 mm
Packed Size 260 x 220 x 300 mm (10,24 x 8,66 x 11,81 inch)
Shipping Weight 3,1 kg (6,8 lb)
Certification NRTL-US-C, CE, TUV GS, CB