Canara 500W Cyclo / Alpha Lite


This mini flood light with 4-leaf barndoor and fixed lamp position is most suitable for illumination of backgrounds or fill light applications.

This mini flood is extensively used in theatre, television and motion picture studios.

The construction of the fitting is sturdy and capable of withstand rough handling.

The outer CRCA fabricated housing is perforated from top and bottom for effective and efficient ventilation on vertical and horizontal axis in natural flow through way.


HOUSING:- MS fabricated construction with black epoxy polyester powder coat.

REFLECTOR:- Aluminium reflector, sand blast anodised aluminium.

LAMP TYPE:- 500W tungsten halogen lamp, base R7S

LAMP SOCKET:- Heavy duty Gy9.5, Gx9.5, G22 or Gx9.5 or G38 based on the model.

MOUNTING:- Normal Yoke & optional Pole operated Yoke

POWER SUPPLY:- Power cord standard 3meter, 3core, 1 PVC insulated copper cable 10 Amps DPST toggle switch

FOCUS:- Open face 180 degree