Mole Richardson 5KW Fresnel Senior


Mole-Richardson?? 5,000 Watt Baby Senior - Type 4191 Designed for Quartz Tungsten-Halogen globes behind a fresnel lens. More compact, lightweight aluminum housing with high per­for­mance. Front opening door, accessories fit in wide Diffuser Clips on front door with no light obstruction. Front and rear Molecool T-Handles keyed to graduated to spot-to-flood scale. Molecool locking knob on yoke. Spring loaded socket con­tacts for positive grip. Equipped with safety screen.


HEAD: Type 4191. 5,000 watts.
RATING: 120/240 volts. A.C. or D.C., 83.3 amps max., 5,000 watts max.
SOCKET: G38, Mogul bipost. Spring loaded contacts.
SWITCH: 100 amp., quick-make, quick-break. Mounted in trough.
CABLE: Attached 3 ft. #4/1 Entertainment Cable with #6/1 green ground 60 amp Bates and MC258G plug. (Specify type of plug when ordering).
CONSTRUCTION: Aluminum with interlocking channels and perforated steel trough.
YOKE: Tubular aluminum and aluminum castings with removable 11/8" dia. steel yoke pin.
CONDENSER: 14" dia. curved Fresnel lens of glass. Hot lens, 15° to 63° field angle.Accessory Cold lens, 36° to 78° field angle.
MIRROR: AlzakAluminum.
FOCUSING: Hand crank at rear.
FINISH: Clear Anodized Aluminum.
SIZE: 221/2" x 19" x 221/2".
HEAD WEIGHT: 521/2 lbs. (w/cable).

418102 2-Way Barn Door (6 Leaf)
418104 4-Way Barn Door (12 Leaf)
418109S Single Moledura Scrim (181⁄2" dia.)
418109D Double Moledura Scrim (181⁄2" dia.)
418341 Snoots (Set of 3)
5001301 100 Amp Externsion Cable—25 ft.
418348 Molecone
42590 10K A.C. Dimmer
418182 Senior Size Stand (See Stand Section for more information & options)
PERFORMANCE DATA Using 5,000 Watt, 120 volt, 3200° K quartz globe. Max. Flood Min. Spot Max. Flood Min. Spot Max. Flood Min. Spot Max. Flood Min. Spot Watts Finish Volts Amps 3200 3200 Ordering Code ColorTemp.°K