Mole Richardson 2KW Molebeam Projector


The 2,000 Watt, 18" Molebeam Projector is engineered to stream a ray of light in Tungsten (3200° Kelvin). The 2K Molebeam Projector shines an 18" parallel beam of light that can be spotted and flooded from -5° to + 15°.

The 2K Molebeam Projector is uniquely suited to projecting shafts of light through windows to create sharp shadow effects.

Each 2K Projector comes equipped with a safety screen.


  • HEAD: Type 8311, 2,000 watts
  • RATING: 120/240 volts, A.C./D.C., 83.3 amps max.-2,000 watts max.
  • SOCKET: Positive Locking Bipost contacts
  • SWITCH: toggle switch,mounted in trough
  • HEAD CONSTRUCTION: Aluminum with vertical circular interlocking channels for ventilation
  • FOCUSING: Knobs, in front and rear of fixture
  • FINISH: Clear Anodized Aluminum/Maroon Powder Coated Enamel
  • SIZE: 27.5” x 38” x 17.5"
  • HEAD WEIGHT: 47lbs