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A new paradigm for GENEXT...

The quality vision combined with great passion and dedication turned his dreams into reality and has set an example for GENEXT...

Nasir Hussain Shaikh

Founder, Managing Director
Email: nasir@lightnlight.com

LIGHT N LIGHT A simple attitude that nurtured to an innovative enterprise.  It began with founder Nasir Hussain's determination, to create something that powers "creative expression". This quest guided him to create LIGHT N LIGHT a reputed concern with sincere business ethics and led by supreme quality services.  It is due to his ambition and commitment that LIGHT N LIGHT is adorned with the best of technological apparatus, accurate strategic alliances and enthusiastic personnel, empowering the organization to being the best operational service providers to the industry.

A passionately driven team coupled with Nasir Hussain's strategic leadership today makes LIGHT N LIGHT  a name to reckon with.

Positive attitude towards work


Director, Business Development
Cell: +91 9324831576
Email: delhi@lightnlight.com

Mohammad Firoz's 15 year journey with LIGHT N LIGHT as Director, Business Development has been a major contributing factor to LIGHT N LIGHT North Indian presence. He maintains heartfelt and direct personal relations with the most affluent of the Production Groups, which are today churning out the most fascinating and appealing flicks, not to mention the deep budgets. His reliability &problem solving techniques are the core features of his strengths. His ability to meet challenges and convert them into fiscal advantages during operations proves him a distinguished member of LIGHT N LIGHT.

Believes in Confidence


Director Technical
Cell: +91 9892949930
Email: afroz@lightnlight.com

Afroz is the second formative member of LIGHT N LIGHT who has made enormous contributions to the evolvement of the concern. His rich experience, knowledge, swift and accurate decision making prowess and passion for the technical, engineering and backstage process makes him a remarkable resource that drafts the basic DNA of our organization. His major area of contribution has been to manage the personnel and mint the gaffers and key grips edifying and inculcating the professional and strategic ethos in each and every boy graduating out of LIGHT N LIGHT

New Thinking New Possibility


Director, Business Development
Cell: +91 9322150093
Email: neyaz@lightnlight.com

He is a systems technology expert with advanced computer knowledge. His inclination towards being accurate, focused & well organized are his basic advantageous traits which make him stand out in LIGHT N LIGHT apart from his young age and determination. Another forte to mention is his enthusiasm towards keeping abreast with the latest industry trends, gathering technical knowledge about the latest news and upcoming technological essentials. His consistent and devoted contribution towards the company's inventory and tactical strategies and move makes him a valuable member of LIGHT N LIGHT.

Confidence Is Everything

Nazeer Ahmed Shaikh

Director, Business Development
Cell: +91 9820423098
Email: nazeer@lightnlight.com

Nazeer Ahmed Shaikh’s logging in years of his formative years in the grips area within the industry has accorded him a profound experience & resourceful knowledge in the whole of Film Industry across all of India. His operational excellence & business ethics have earned him a superb rapport with some of the most prestigious stalwarts in the industry. LIGHT N LIGHT the brand is a progeny of his endless faith, determination and poise, a resolute and incessant promotion of LIGHT N LIGHT in each and every sphere of operation during the formative and early days of business. He is the main strategist of our market expansion and has made an emotional-stirring impression as a trustworthy colleague at LIGHT N LIGHT.

Multi Tasking


Executive Director
Cell: +91 7517867474
Email: naz@lightnlight.com

Mohammed Naz Rahmani leads by example with his dynamic & vibrant personality, he always strives for innovative ideas for the scalable growth of LIGHT N LIGHT.  A young and talented technological expert like him in the team is a valuable talent who constantly upgrades the portfolio of LIGHT N LIGHT with his versatile knowledge, individuality and passion.  The technical training at Germany and his commerce background enables him to identify and earmark the best suited equipment sourcing. He is a regular visitor to all the overseas major exhibitions related to the entertainment industry and has traveled extensively to Europe, USA, UK, Far East and Middle East for. He is one of the major decision makers in deciding the importing and the business outlay for LIGHT N LIGHT.  Acting as a Professional Gaffer to the most coveted of the clienteles of LIGHT N LIGHT he has meticulously carved a niche for himself where some of the most cherished DOPs seek to operate exclusively with him. In his meager age he certainly has carved a cult image for himself and he still has many more years to learn.

Calculative Method


Financial Advisor
Cell: +91 9819707770
Email: sayeed@lightnlight.com

A Chartered Accountant by profession.  His detailed and driven strategic mindset with absolute analytical focus helps LIGHT N LIGHT to design feasible and realistic business plans, his financial management & business insight with problem solving techniques helps the firm to achieve the desired goal, by converting opportunity into glory, his proven calculative method & close monitoring leads to a great achievement for the business. He has always given his valuable time & suggestions since the business inception, makes him another valuable team member of LIGHT N LIGHT.

Positive Attitude


Head Manager
Cell: Laxman@lightnlight.com
Email: Laxman@lightnlight.com

Laxman Gowda coordinates all the back stage activities of LIGHT N LIGHT. With a warm personality and an agile frame his mere presence keeps the show going perennially. He imposes valuable suggestions on each department which eventually ensures seamless flow of each project.  He is the team leader of all the personnel of LIGHT N LIGHT and commands great respect and admiration amongst the on-ground operational team of LIGHT N LIGHT.

Dedication Devotion Discipline


General Manager
Cell: +971 568120527
Email: ramasrao@lightnlight.com

A resourcefully rich expertise in the Indian Film & Television industry, a proven leadership quality at an executive level and a clear strategic mind-set with analytical focus, has made Rama Srinivas Rao successful with all areas of our business operations.  A strong leadership quality with an excellent ability to communicate, present & negotiate at all levels has provided LIGHT N LIGHT with new business opportunities. His independent ability to work autonomously with great dedication, devotion & discipline has made him the right choice to lead LIGHT N LIGHT Abu Dhabi branch.

Believes In Team Work


Business Administration
Cell: +91 9545492661
Email: cheops@lightnlight.com

Cheops' D'Costa, is a vital & reliable support to LIGHT N LIGHT with his pin pointed knowledge & extensively resourceful experiences, contributes in a number of operational matters. His pro-active, strong internal & external communication expertise, spontaneous attitude boosts the team to maximize results.  An amazing multi-tasker, Chops, as he is fondly called, has the ability to organize all assigned responsibilities in a remarkably meticulous manner using his ability to move in the right direction using all potential and making significant amendments in crucial decisions and processes for LIGHT N LIGHT.